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Benefits of being organised: for kids!

Being organised is rarely seen as a skill children should have, however, it's highly beneficial to promote organisational skills in the early years.

Furthermore, it provides a great foundation to communicate expectations of responsibility in the home and the family and is a respectful approach in discipline.

As we all know, children don't just do what you tell them to do (nor should they) and demanding orders without context is difficult for even adults to understand! So implementing some organisational systems into the home can definitely help any parent substantiate requests such as "pickup your toys", "put your clothes away" or "brush your teeth and get ready for bed".

With our lifestyles now being more demanding than ever, we really need to ensure we create healthy, respectful relationships with our children so we don't feel completely burnt out!

Here are some key benefits of kids being organised that might get you thinking about some things you can put in place in your home, that will help relieve the pressures of parenting AND help your kids thrive!

Teaches responsibility - responsibility is commonly seen as a “bigger kid lesson”, but its not. Responsibility needs to be introduced most certainly by 2 yrs of age (when language skills are developing rapidly).

Teaching responsibility not only shows your child respect, but tells them that they are an important part of the family and the home and what they do matters.

When your child takes responsibility for their belongings and the space they live in, it helps them understand they need to be aware of their actions and how they affect other people.

Creating an organised living space, also shows a child quite clearly, what the limits are and how they need to contain their environment and be respectful of the people around them.

Fosters independence - doing things for kids is always far easier and quicker and parents fall into this trap almost always! However, this really is not the way to help develop independence in your child.

A great way to facilitate independence is by creating organisation systems that help your child do things for themselves, that is achievable and sustainable.

By creating age and skill appropriate organisation systems, your child can practice independent activities such as packing things away, self care, dressing themselves, making their own snacks and washing their hands.

Some of these activities can create a mess, take a long time or can be a little dangerous. But by creating the space around the activity to be organised and safe, your child can practice and practice till they can complete the activity completely independently.

Establishes a routine - routines help children feel safe and secure as it gives them a consistent lifestyle they can rely on.

A predictable environment allows a child to trust in the outcomes of their lives, giving them a sense of control over what happens to them.

Routines are organised activities that have some sort of structure and strategy. The end goal is agreed upon by both parent and child and this allows your child to feel a sense of respect and trust that they have the abilities to complete tasks.

Builds confidence - Knowing what is going to happen and then achieving the goals, builds confidence and improves self esteem. Predictable environments give children the opportunity to further explore their potential because they do not have to worry about establishing a foundation.

They only have to explore, which is exciting and beneficial for learning and developing. An organised space makes a child feel confident in what is expected, where their resources are and how they can use them.

Time management - keeping a child’s schedule organised and sticking to predictable routines helps children understand the importance of time management.

Being able to manage your time is a lifelong lesson children can learn at an early age, that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Not only being able to respect their own time, but other people’s time allows children to empathise with others and how their actions affect the world around them.

Endorses life balance - having an organised space around them, tells children that everything has its place and helps them remember where things go.

By showing children that all the fun stuff needs to be put back in a specific place, helps them understand there is a need for balance between fun and responsibility, something important to know throughout their life.

This helps foster a healthy work/ life balance ideology, which is important for a person's health and wellbeing.


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