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To "Ta" or not to "Ta"

Ta” is British slang for Thank You and often used in Australia as a polite and friendly way to accept something from someone.

If you have used “Ta” to teach a child manners or as a way for them to initiate communication (e.g. to replace “can I have” or “pass me the…”) have you considered why?

Most people will think “Ta” is an easier word to understand, a more child-friendly way to learn how to start speaking. This is assuming the child is incapable to learn in some way... when in fact it’s quite the opposite!

Children learn a tremendous amount in the first 3 years in their life. In the first year alone, children learn how to move their body, connect emotionally, socialise, recognise people, places and objects.

All while their body is growing, they’re teething, they’re feeling different sensations all the time and hearing new sounds everyday!

That doesn’t sound like this person needs anything to be made easier for them.

Let’s go with that for a minute. Making something easier. Is that coming from a place of love or is it coming from a place of fear?

Do you fear that if you give it to them straight, the way it’s given to an adult, that you are somehow setting a child up for failure, for pain, for embarrassment?

Our children deserve our trust and respect to give it to them straight, just like we would to an adult.

Women were not (and still not, in some parts of the world) given the right to an education because they were considered not as intellectually capable, as a man. That they were inferior to a man’s ability to learn and develop, so their need for education wasn’t essential.

We all roll our eyes to that now, but the attitude that children need to be given lessons on speaking in a bite size, child friendly way, is a little disrespectful.

Making anything easier for a child is only delaying their ability to learn things. The sub text to “making it easier for you” could also affect a child’s perspective on learning altogether.

Learning is hard, so you need it to be spoon fed and you need it to be filtered by someone else, an adult, someone who knows more than you. So limit yourself until someone tells you 're ready.

Respect & trust your child’s ability to learn any and everything coming towards them. Respect their right to understand concepts for themselves without any filtering and just be there to support them when they ask.

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