Get to Know Us
and Our Philosophy


Harmonious Homes

We believe that all children have the right to develop freely and deserve the respect to learn at their own pace. 

Working in the early childhood industry, we’ve gained so much knowledge and experience on how children develop and how best they can thrive.

We also know that the environment a child spends time in, can heavily influence their ability to reach milestones and shape the people they become.

We're so passionate about helping families create spaces in their homes that give children plenty of opportunity to develop their skills and abilities.


Physical, Mental, Emotional, Behavioural

Our approach is holistic, assessing all areas of your family:

  • We consider the physical environment your child spends time in at home.

  • We get an understanding of your current knowledge in early childhood learning & milestone development.

  • We consider your existing parenting approach and how it's effecting your relationship with your child.

  • Finally, we provide strategies to meet your child's individual needs that will best suit you & your family. 

This holistic approach has been developed through early childhood practises, in particular RIE and Montessori. We've also implemented purposeful parenting techniques into our strategies, creating a reliable action plan to guarantee healthier & more harmonious homes. 

RIE (Resources for Infant Educators incl. parents)

The basis of Magda's Gerber's RIE philosophy is having respect and trust in a child to be the initiator, explorer and self learner. RIE encourages parents and caregivers to provide an environment that is safe, cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturing, while providing children with time for uninterrupted play and the freedom to explore and interact with others. RIE aims to allow children to become active participants, while the caregiver observes to provide for their individual needs, ensuring consistency with clear limits and expectations.


Maria Montessori's philosophy considers and respects the unique individuality of each child and their learning needs. The Montessori approach aims to inspire children towards a lifelong love of learning, by following their individual and natural developmental path. Children become confident, responsible, independent learners, when they trust in their own abilities. A Montessori home has considered its spaces with children in mind. It is a home that allows for children to touch and explore, and to access and practice everyday tasks in everyday life. It aims to develop life long skills, independence and confidence.

Purposeful, Conscious Parenting Approach

Conscious parenting focuses on improving the parent for the benefit of the child. Rather than looking at surviving parenting through hacks, tips and cheat sheets to manage your child’s behaviour, conscious parenting is about looking at how you are feeling and how you are behaving and how this is influencing your way of parenting. Conscious parenting is a way of evolving your thinking and developing your emotional intelligence, so you can better facilitate your child’s life. Parenting using this approach, does not have specific terms of what action is required, it's focus is on developing the mindset valuing the child’s individual growth. The child/ parent relationship is more organic and often nonlinear.