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"To assist a child we must provide an environment which will enable them to develop freely" - MARIA MONTESSORI


Harmonious Homes

We believe that all children have the right to develop freely and deserve the respect to learn at their own pace. 

Working in the early childhood industry, we’ve gained so much knowledge and insight on how children develop and how best they can thrive.


Online and In Person Coaching


We provide a holistic assessment of all areas of your family life, to create a personalised action plan that ensures you and your family have a strong & healthy foundation to thrive individually and together. 

Our approach has been developed using early childhood practises, in particular RIE and Montessori, and we've implemented Purposeful Parenting techniques to create a solid plan that ensures your family has a healthy & more harmonious home for years to come. 

Our parent coaching not only supports parents every step of the way to achieve personal and family related goals, but also lays the foundations for a healthy and well balanced home that strengthens the bonds in the family where everybody thrives. 

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Stay connected with our latest findings on our Instagram & Facebook page, and tune in to our latest podcast for all things early childhood development. 


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Katie - Glebe NSW

You ladies really helped me feel more confident about my parenting approach. You both helped me understand the importance of early childhood learning and how I can better support the baby in his own home rather than relying on playgroups and activities. It's also helped hubby & I work better as a couple. Thank you so much.

Jessica - Parramatta NSW

Thank you Harmonious Homes! 

You guys were so fun to chat to and helped me out so much. I really appreciate the useful tips and motivation. I'm now focussing more on what my little girl needs rather than what she wants. We have far less clutter & she enjoys her spaces better. A lot less tears in our home that for sure. Thank you ladies, once again.

Michelle - Carlingford NSW

I wanted to help my toddler develop self care skills but our place is small and I couldn't figure out what I could do so support her. Naomi & Natalie really helped me understand what activities my toddler should be doing at her age and how I can support her through everyday tasks. I'm so thankful for all the tips & my toddler loves her new learning space!


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